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    Always puts the quality at the first place and strictly supervise the product quality of every process.
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    With very strict cost control of raw material and labour, we have great advantage in price.
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    Professional manufacturer of Safes Products nearly 20 years, and guarantee on-time delivery.

Bettersafe (Ningbo) Digital Technology Limited

We win good reputation from our customers(big abroad retailer and famous branded clients) and from Amazon.
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Bettersafe (Ningbo) Digital Technology Limited is a professional safe manufacturer located in Ningbo, China. With more than 20years of manufacturing experience, we have developped a rich ranges of safes, home safes, digital safes, motorized safes, electronic safes, office safes, fingerprint safes, mechanical safes, to meet different users and different security solutions.

  • Personal safes

    Personal safes

    Personal safes apply to your home, hotels, offices, restaurants or banks. It has large space to use and the most affordable price for you. It made our top one for several reasons: It’s strong, simple, and holds a substantial amount. Pesonal safes include electronic safes, mechanical safes, fingerprint safes. Personal safes can be customized to suit your specific needs.
  • Hotel safes

    Hotel safes

    Hotel safes mainly used to hotel, home, offices, banks, government, etc.. Hotel safes is used to place more valuable items, such as laptop, jewelry, certificate, antiques, cash, etc., to avoid disorderly placement and need to find. We offers customized solutions to all hotels and businesses so that you can promote your brand and retain loyal customers.
  • Fireproof safes

    Fireproof safes

    Fireproof safes is a special safe that prevents the loss of documents and valuables due to a fire at extreme heat. Fireproof safes is a ideal way to store any valuable item and can protect your items from loss in the event of an accident. By using a fireproof safe, you can store important documents and valuables with confidence, as it provides a high level of security.
  • Gun safes

    Gun safes

    Gun safes can secure shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Gun safes is constructed with solid steel and a pry resistant door for strength and gun security; reliable high-strength locking mechanism, and precise fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.
  • Cash box

    Cash box

    Cash box is unbreakable in our daily life due to strong metal material. No matter where you are, for instance,office, school, factory, supermarket and anywhere else, the cash box could actually breathe new life into your lifestyle.
  • Key box

    Key box

    Key box is easy to organize your key. We provide key box with keys or combination code. There are different key holders for options, from 10 to 300keys, If we can also provide key tag for one-top purchasing for customers.
  • Book safes

    Book safes

    Book Safes looks like a book, great for hiding small valuables on a bookshelf. Interior space for hiding cash, credit cards, important documents, jewelry, and more ideal for traveling or at home.
  • Safes’ locks

    Safes’ locks

    We can provide safes’ accessories, such as panel, PCB, solenoid, knob, battery box, locking system and so on. It is good for our after sale service and also supply for overseas safes’ manufacturers in other countries.
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What We Do

Bettersafe (Ningbo) Digital Technology Limited is a professional safe


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With great experience and expertise of selling to different markets, we can provide professional quotation, according to the enquiry.

To comply with detail enquiry with information about safes’ specification, we offer quotation with different MOQ. If enquiry is brief without detailed information, we will propose right products according to customer’s selling market and selling channel.

If customer want to have a total rough cost to do assessment and want to know if he can sell safes well and have profit in his market, we can give total cost from factory to customer’s warehouse.

Besides, we will make a research about his market and do product proposal for customer, including basic items and new items.


After agreement on quotation, we will talk about details on the PI, and sign PI

1.Customer’s information

2.Payment term: mostly T/T, L/C

3.Shipment term: mostly FOB, EXW, CFR, CIF, DDP, DDU

4.Loading Port: Ningbo, China. Our factory located in Ningbo, and close to Ningbo port, which has a great advantage of lead time.

5.Discharge port

6.Cargo ready date/Delivery time/Leadtime: depends on order.

7.Product details: 1)Size; 2)Color; 3)Thickness; 4)Weight; 5)Package; 6)Functions; 7)Accessory.


Deposit: After get deposit from customer, we begin to arrange raw material and start production.

Artworks: complete artworks of manual, carton, logo design, label, etc. Customer can tell his idea about these artworks, and we can design for customers, and send to customer for confirmation. When confirm all artworks, we will produce these artworks.

Production: factory begin to produce according to the order. 1)Laser punching; 2)Cutting; 3)Bending; 4)Welding; 5)Polishing; 6)Scraping; 7)Powder coating; 8)Assembling; 9)Packing. Inspection: during the producing, we will do 3 inspection, incoming inspection, process inspection, final inspection. Send inspection report to customer. We check the products one by one before do the bulk packing.


Shipment: After get cargo release confirmation from customer, we can arrange shipment. Firstly we need information of consignee, notify party, discharge port, and freight forwarder from customer, and then send booking to customer’s freight forwarder. When get shipment confirmation from forwarder, we will arrange loading container in the factory.

After ships departs, we will get B/L, and then send shipping doc. to customer for confirmation.

Balance: after get balance from customer, arrange B/L telex release or send original doc. to customer.

Customer get the cargo, and we wait for customer’s feedbacks. Our cargo all have good feedbacks from our customers.


After customer get the cargo, and sell in his market, we need to follow closely:

1.Product quality/Packing quality

2.If selling good

3.If need any improvement

4.Suggest new products

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